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Alpharetta, Georgia – Argon, designing and manufacturing Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) rugged display monitors and computers, is pleased to announce that our ARD43 rugged display has successfully completed new product development and is ready for production orders. The ARD43 is currently undergoing qualification testing, including environmental and EMI tests, notably including Mil-S- 901D. The unit boasts a UHD resolution at 3840x2160 pixels, is lightweight (for a rugged 43”!) at just under 50 lbs, has a very low depth and the signature Argon streamlined bezel.

The ARD43 has a very small footprint at 39.3”w x 23”h x 4.2”d. It can bARD43e configured to accept just about any video input required on the market today, including DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, or traditional VGA. Customers can select from a variety of standard options or consult with Argon to have the unit tailored to your unique application or installation.

Ideal for retrofits, or new installations, the ARD43 is production ready. Contact Argon for more details and for how the ARD43 may be a winning solution for your application.