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Alpharetta, Georgia – Argon, designing and manufacturing Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) rugged display monitors and computers, has boosted the resolution on its ARD27 to 4K UHD.


Since the 2017 introduction of the ARD27, 27" C4ISR rugged display, this unit has been met with significant interest for Airborne Early Warning systems world wide.  The first generation of this monitor was equipped with a WQHD (2560 x 1440) LCD panel along with a powerful video processing board which can interface with any existing video input, such as DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI or VGA. Customers can select from a variety of standard options and tailor the unit to their exact needs.

Argon has extended the ARD27 offering with a second generation model by increasing the native resolution of the LCD to UHD 4K.  Both prior and new panel resolutions will be available for many years to come.  The video board for both resolutions support integrated Picture-in-Picure (PiP) options which achieves an optimal, user-friendly and comprehensive GUI-design on the display's large screen surface.

ARD27, now available with UHD 4K LCD Resolution

As opposed to ground-based radar systems, the mobility and the extended sensor range on airborne radar systems allow the operator to detect and track targets from much further away.  This abundance of information must be visualized and quickly interpreted. The larger LCD's are much more suitable for this application and they offer many configuration possibilities.  Argon offers not only this ARD27, but also its ARD21, a 21" rugged display, has been installed on Airborne Early Warning Aircraft, such as the USAF AWACS and fielded in countries (US, Korea, Australia, Sweden, ...) all over the world.

The addition of this new, higher, resolution option for the large 27" displays, confirms Argon's leading position in AEW applications and offers customers a wider choice of solutions.