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This program was proposed and awarded beginning in 2009. Boeing was looking for an alternative solution to their current rugged laptop used for a C-17 ground maintenance application. Functions such as sunlight readability, multiple military connectors, floppy drive, hidden commercial connectors and the ruggedization to withstand the use environment were some of the key requirements. Argon proposed a variant of a similar to unit that had been previously qualified. Boeing realized that this version was very close to what they needed and could accept qualification by similarity (which saved cost and time). An initial order was awarded in 2009. Then in early 2010 a large production order was awarded. Since then Argon has delivered over 300 units, with a field history MTBF of over 20,000 hours.


In 2018 a tech refresh program was initiated, whereby Argon provided a form, fit and function replacement with all requested improvements for enhanced computing performance and cyber security considerations, among others.