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Argon was founded in 1990 in Great Neck, New York and provided a variety of custom designs of military grade LCD and computing solutions, laying the ground work for what Argon would become. By 2009, it became clear that a dedicated factory was required to support the business. In 2010, Argon stood up a production facility in Alpharetta, Georgia (or the greater Atlanta Area). With this expansion and the addition of other company infrastructure, including a new engineering facility in Great Neck, Argon was able to offer solutions for larger production programs. 

Today, Argon Corporation brings over 30 years of experience in designing, producing and supporting a variety of rugged military computing and display solutions that serve land-based, naval and airborne command and control applications worldwide.


Our business model is to provide custom and COTS rugged solutions to the worldwide military C4ISR market. With a deep knowledge of what is required to design these products, which are derived from commercially available components, and ruggedized to survive severe environments, along with the technical know-how to create long term supportable designs, Argon has the depth  and experience to bring a quality product to the field and provide support for years to come.


Argon has cultivated a standing reputation for working with customers to design custom solutions and reliable products, with low technical and schedule risk. Argon consults with customers and then designs solutions to meet their exact requirements for their intended application. Over the years our products have demonstrated a high degree of suitability, and reliability, which can only be achieved from successful fielded use and periodic updates. As such, Argon has become a trusted partner.

Alpharetta Office


Alpharetta Production Facility


Our products include compact, rugged computing tablets and laptops, rugged LC displays ranging in size from 5.0” to 43”, lightweight mobile computing modules, embedded computers, laptops and rugged keyboards and other computing peripherals. Argon can also provide combinations of our products to bring subsystem solutions.


Argon has established a loyal customer base with some of the most significant players in the industry. Through our advanced solutions, and tireless customer support, our customers have developed a trust and confidence that Argon will provide them the solution and support that they require. Argon brings a fresh set of solutions and a fresh approach to supporting customers that our competitors simply don’t.



Argon Through the Years


Argon Through The Years