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4-Port KVM Switch, EAL4 Certified

4-Port KVM Switch

Argon offers a rugged 4-Port, EAL4 Certified KVM Switch for Command & Control applications. Argon’s KVM provides reliable interfaces for USB keyboards and pointing devices, DVI video inputs, and audio in/out. Its EAL4 certification makes it suitable for red/black data separation. The KVM also provides both AC and DC power inputs providing versatility for many mission critical applications.

Main Features

  • 4-Port KVM Switch
  • USB2.0, DVI (single link & dual link), and Stereo Audio Switching
  • EAL4 Certification for IT Security
  • AC & DC Power Inputs
  • Military Connectors

Argon’s KVM product provides full-featured standard KVM functionality and supports a wide variety of customized control input devices.