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ACB100 - "Brick" Computer Platform


The ACB100 Model is part of our product line of rugged computing products designed for use in rugged military applications. The compact ACB100 packaging is designed for mobile platforms, man packable and as well as any other rugged application where a compact computing solution is required. The unit can be placed in a variety of "out of the way" locations and needs no attending to.

The ACB100 Series provides a range of standard, up to date computing capabilities with a variety of user specified options all inside a fully enclosed, ruggedized package with no internal or external fans. The ACB100 is ideal for standalone configurations or thin client system architectures where a compact, lightweight computer is required with full MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 environmental performance.

Main Features

  • Intel N4200 Processor or Current Generation
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSHD Standard
  • Extremely small mechanical outline
  • Fully closed and convection cooled
  • Custom Mounting Available
  • Low Weight (~2lbs)
  • Customer can Specify Specific I/O Needed
  • Optional WiFi or GPS or Specify

The ACBxxx Series is provided in two basic configurations, the ACB100 that implements a low power  Intel™ processor, and the ACB200 that implements a higher powered Intel i7® processor. Each configuration can be supplied with customized I/O, connectors, flash drive, and memory configurations.