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ARD20 - Rugged 20" Display Monitor


The Argon ARD20 is a 20.1” rugged display monitor can be customized for nearly any use in rugged C4ISR environments.  The ARD20 delivers a high performance display solution for a wide variety of applications for naval, ground and airborne environments, and has a proven track record of performance and reliability.

Note: The 20.1" LCD (used on the ARD20) has entered the obsolescence phase of its availability. Units are still available in limited quantities. Argon recommends the ARD21 for all new projects you are considering, as this unit is in the early growth phase of it's life cycle.

Main Features

  • Small Mechanical Outline
  • Low Weight
  • NVG Compatibility (Option)
  • Sunlight Readability (Option)
  • Fully Enclosed Unit
  • Customized Connector Types and Location
  • Variety of I/O as Required

The ARD20 is a COTS product designed to meet all applicable MIL standards for environmental performance, and leverages common modern commercial technologies to provide a path for long term availability and sustainability. The ARD20 provides a 20.1” diagonal display surface with 1600x1200 UXGA resolution and delivers an affordable, lightweight solution for your mobile command & control, naval, or airborne application where you need configuration flexibility.

The LCD used in the ARD20 has limited availability. Please refer to the ARD21 page for details on that unit, which should be considered for all new projects.