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AT70 - 7.0" Rugged Tablet


The AT70 represents the next size in our successful family of small integrated displays and computer Tablets. The unit is a 7.0” rugged computing tablet designed for use in military or harsh industrial environments.  Its rugged construction, compact size, and high brightness make it a perfect candidate for a wide variety of mission applications where size, weight and power use are critical.

Main Features

  • Integrated Display and Low Power Quad Core Intel Celeron Processor
  • 1.8GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB SSHD - Standard
  • Extremely, Small Mechanical Outline
  • High Brightness (Option)
  • NVIS Compatibility (Option)
  • Rugged AR Touch Screen(Option)
  • WIndows or Linux OS
  • Customizable User Controls and Connectors

The AT70 is a COTS product designed to meet all applicable MIL standards for environmental performance, and leverages common modern commercial technologies to provide a path for long term availability and sustainability. The AT70 delivers a 7.0” 800x400 wide screen, high bright display with embedded processing and provides an affordable, lightweight solution for your portable computing applications. The AT70 is suited for wearable applications, dashboard mounts, mobile command & control, or any other rugged computing application where you need a compact tablet solution.