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Rugged 4 Channel KVM Switch

Rugged 4 Channel KVM Switch

ArgonFDS offers a rugged 4-Port, EAL4 Certified KVM Switch for Command & Control applications. ArgonFDS’s KVM provides reliable interfaces for USB keyboards and pointing devices, DVI video inputs, and audio in/out. Its EAL4 certification makes it suitable for red/black data separation. The KVM also provides both AC and DC power inputs providing versatility for many mission critical applications.

About The Product


 EAL4 Certification is no longer an accepted standard for current security protocol. Protection Profiles are the current standard. EAL4 remains valid for customers who have procured the unit in the past. If purchased for a new program as of the date of this document, the unit remains complaint with what was EAL4. Contact your security department to determine if this unit meets your requirements before placing into a new program.


  • 4-Port KVM Switch
  • USB2.0, DVI (single link & dual link), and Stereo Audio Switching
  • EAL4 Certification for IT Security
  • AC & DC Power Inputs
  • Military Connectors

Technical Specs

Data Input Ports 4xUSB2.0 (Keyboard/Pointer Composited), 4xDVI, 4x Stereo Audio In
Data Output Ports 1xUSB2.0 (Keyboard/Pointer Composited), 1xDVI, 1xStereo Audio Out
Max Resolution 2560x1600 at 60Hz
Control Port 1xUSB2.0 (Switch Control)
Power Input 9 to 36VDC or 110/220Vac 50/60HZ Input
Power Consumption 7W Typical 
Typical Dimensions

10.40" x 1.65" x 8.55"

264mm x 42mm x 217mm


± 2.75 lbs / ± 1.2 kg

Connectors MIL Circular, DVI Commercial Type
Enclosure Aluminum, Enclosed
Other Customizations and Adaptations Available on Request
Standards MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810
Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Vibration MIL-STD-167-1, 33Hz
Shock MIL-STD-901D, Grade A
Humidity Operating & Storage - 95% @ 25°C, Non-Condensing
Altitude Up to 20 kft Operating, Non-operating
Water Tightness IP65
Salt Fog Resistant to Salt Fog, Unit is 100% Enclosed
EMI Designed to MIL-STD-461
Other On Request

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