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Argon Offers one of the Largest and Most Innovative Ranges of Rugged Display Monitors in the Industry

Argon offers a rugged LCD product line with an unprecedented range of sizes from 5.0" to 43". Applications are virtually unlimited and Argon solutions can be found on military land, air and sea platforms worldwide.

Argon is constantly innovating our range and offerings as customers bring us challenges that others can not or will not meet. For example, Argon was recently challenged to develop a 19" rack mount 21.3" viewable LCD with an LED backlighting system that is less than 3" deep. Argon met and exceeded that challenge and now offers the lightest weight and highest viewable surface for a 19" rack mount application - the ARD21.

With proven standard options such as Sunlight Readability, NVG Compatibility, Rugged AR Touch Screen, Video Inputs, Bezel Keys and Cold Start, Argon has an existing library of designs to quickly bring you a customized unit that perfectly fits your application and installation.

Many of our designs have undergone full suites of qualification testing and Argon can provide reports. Qualification by similarity is typically acceptable for many variations of a qualified model. If a case for similarity cannot be made, then Argon will work with you to develop a qualification test program that is cost efficient.

One size does not fit all and nearly every application has its unique needs or requirements. Argon understands this and has built a business model to support this concept to better serve the customer base.


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